Wearing of the 5 K’s (Kara, Kesh, Kirpan, Kacheras, Kanga)

At the first Amrit ceremonyGuru Gobind Singh gave the Rehit, or self-discipline, which was recorded and passed down through the generations: The Rehit includes wearing the Five Kakar’s (5 K’s)

Kesh: uncut hair. A Khalsa does not cut or trim their hair. The hair is given by the Divine for a purpose so you keep it as it has been given to you.

Kangha: a wooden comb worn in the hair under the turban. It is worn as part of a commitment to keeping yourself and your physical world graceful and clean.

Kirpan: literally means “kindness.” The kirpan is a small sword. It is to be used only in self-defense or to protect those who are unable to defend themselves.

Kara: a steel or iron bangle worn on the left wrist for women and the right wrist for men. The Kara shows that you live as a slave to the Divine.

Kachhera: cotton shorts worn as a reminder and aid to keep the creative sexual energy in balance.

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