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Sat Nam Dear Sat Sangatji
Already 40 days have passed since Tantric
This year‘s theme : “Be the light”  illuminated us during the whole week together.By sharing the blessings of the teachings, the love and the union, our dharma, we lived for each other and not with each other.We left the EYF being lighthouses to our families, friend, communities and to the world.

How do we keep the light up? How do we ignite the light again ?What makes us shine? By serving all aspects of ourself. The spirit, the body and the soul.Hence, we can serve the others because the other one is you!To keep the light shining we will accompany, on social media, the next 40 days with the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan quotes, on the purpose of giving selfless service: Seva.

Let’s start serving with a global meditation from  September 20th till 2019-October 29th,.

To act upon it let’s relay the global climate strike starting September 20th in every European city and around the globe, check the website:

Next year ‘s European Yoga Festival theme is: “Be known for your service” 

and the festival will start on July 25th to August 2nd 2020.

So, we have a year to make ourselves known for our service.

This year European Yoga festival welcomed more than 69 nationalities and almost 3000 people, of which many children: our children are the future!

The Festival is growing, our community is growing and so are our expectations. For the first time 3HO Europe and 3HO international had a booth together at the bazaar. We were able to meet you and listen to your feedbacks about the Festival, the 3HO Europe service or you wanting to be part of our organization.

We want to grow together, for and with you. 

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