Japji Sahib in 19 Languages

“Japji Sahib – The Light of Guru Nanak for the World”

A Commemorative Volume with 19 Language Translations

A letter from the Khalsa Council:

Sat Nam Dear Esteemed Members of the Khalsa Council,
We invite all Khalsa Council members to be a part of a historic project.

This year marks the 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.  One of his most beautiful writings, Japji Sahib, has expanded our consciousness and transformed our lives. We are all connected by the special touch of these words.  In November of this year, as we celebrate the 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak, Sikh Dharma International and 3HO are joining together to take a Yatra with about 100 sangat members to India, to join with the millions who are celebrating the birthday of Guru Nanak. We have designed a special gift to present to the Golden Temple Museum in Amritsar in honor of this auspicious occasion. It is a magnificent volume of Japji Sahib translated into 19 languages, representing how the words and Light of Guru Nanak have been spread throughout the world through the inspiration of the Siri Singh Sahib and the devotion of his students. It will have a spectacular cover of silver filigree and precious gem stones, and each of the 400 pages are artistically designed and bordered. It will be displayed in the Golden Temple Museum, in testimony to the love of the Sikh Dharma/3HO community for the path and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The volume is titled, “Japji Sahib – The Light of Guru Nanak For the World”

In addition to the one-of-a-kind embellished and gilded volume, we are printing limited hard-cover editions as appreciation gifts for those who contribute $550 or more towards this project. These books will have a white faux-leather cover with gold embossed lettering, and will contain all 400 inner pages of the volume.

We also have a beautiful 11*14 print of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, created by the same artist, for those who contribute $108 towards the project. To see examples of the artwork for this beautiful volume and for more information about how you can support this historic project, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  As Khalsa Council Members we all share in the special privilege and honor of serving the legacy of the Siri Singh Sahib. Together, we share the destiny of living to elevate and serve humanity.

Happy 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to all of us!
May the Light of Guru Nanak continue to shine on All and illuminate the World!
Blessings, S.S. Gurujot Kaur Khalsa
Secretary General/CEO
Sikh Dharma International
International Khalsa Council

The following are the cover pages for each language represented in the book:

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